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PLANNING Future Litters
Get your application in asap for upcoming litters.
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I carefully screen all potential puppy buyers and require a huge amount of information before deeming them an acceptable home. Yes, even for "pet quality" puppies.
I have and will refuse a sale, if I do not think the person
would make a good life-long home for the pup.
Starting with a 2 page application, then I call and visit local applicants and for non-locals, I google their address to see location and neighborhood.  I offer a 2 year written hip
and temperament guarantee.

Please know, most breeders dont breed for a medium drive
or therapy temperament, as we do.

While searching for your next furkid, make sure you ask about drives, health & titles.
If any of their dogs or pups do schutzund, that is HIGH drive.

Not to say it is bad, as my dogs will do 2 of the 3 trainings in SchH.  Tracking & Obedience, just not the bite work.
They learn it, but dont have much "fight" drive to title in that
discipline. Another factor is larger size, so unless the helper is a larger fellow, most aren't going to train with a bigger dog up on his back legs, as which will be required come trial time, so this can become a training issue...where not being used to dancing on a sleeve on only rear legs may cause the dog to let go of the sleeve.

Our dogs are a blend of lines, a process that's taken a dozen years.
Bear had Swiss Working line in his pedigree, Phenyx came with Working lines in her's, same with Zeus.  It's a balancing act, and we seek to co-create dogs with medium aggression levels on purpose.
Think of a bell curve of  all GSDs where X is aggression, from a
    1-wont chase sheep to 10-will kill sheep. Y  is # of all GSDs.
bell curve
  Obviously the extremes are of no use to anyone. The ones left of center are nervebags, the middle or center of the bell is where most are, where we seek to be, centered.  The ones right of center tend to be more useful to K9 departments, and military.  We cherish the traits of the working lines, and you'll find our dogs willing and capable to defend, thus seek to insure good homes with folks who will take the time to train them, for everyone's happiness and safety.

After Application is approved, a non-refundable, but litter transferable
deposit of $200 for a puppy is required.

I will NOT sell 2 puppies at the same time to the same home/family.
Or sell a puppy into a family that already has a puppy under 1.5 yrs old.

(I believe every pup deserves an undivided attention to learn, then they can help with the next pup)

$1200.00 (Limited Registration) 

Veterans, Firefighters and Police organizations receive a $100.oo discount

Disclaimer;  Breeder reserves the right to retain pick male and female from each litter, with puppy selections of buyers being in the order in which deposits are received after Breeders picks" (Pick of Litter puppies may be available for an additional fee at Breeders discretion).  All puppies are sold with non-breeding AKC Limited registration unless otherwise agreed in writing by Breeder.

When contacting me, be persistant !
dont be offended if I dont get right back to you, call/email again, again & again.
As I put my dogs first, paperwork & emails get squeezed into the end of my days.

Scroll down for planned breedings  2019-20


My breeding females seem to listen to mother nature
more than my planned breedings .... we must follow their heat cycles, thank you for understanding, if & when I change the order of litters, it is out of my control.



Planned   2019-20
Maxamillian  x  Reba
   *   Bred Sept 13, 2019   
Litter due Nov. 15, 2019
Plush & Long coats expected, Black/Red & Black/Tans are expected from this litter.
Good working minds with solid-medium/med-high drive
with intelligence & Energy to do more,
this litter is what your looking for.
 (Parents & Pups Reg. AKC)

Males                                                          Females
1. Breeders Pick                                          1. Breeders Pick
2. Tony & Verna M. (dep 2017)                    2. Debra Ann T.S.(dep 6/19/18)
3. Melissa Estrella (dep 9/25/18)                  3. AVAILABLE

Max  x Reba   2019

Sept 13, 2019 (Week 1 - Mating)     Rebas WEIGHS   00.0 lbs
Ovulation is considered day 0. Ovulation is when the female releases an egg from the ovaries, ready for fertilization following mating. The female will be receptive to the male a few days before ovulation. Fertilization of the egg can occur 2-3 days after ovulation, depending on how long the male's sperm takes to reach the egg.
20th SEPT   2019 (Week 2)
The fertilized eggs make their way to the uterus, where they will eventually become embedded in the lining. You may notice some minor behavioral changes at this early stage.
27th SEPT  2019 (Week 3)    
By week 3, the embryos have implanted in the wall of the uterus. Development begins and the embryos become dependent on the mother for nutrition.
4th OCT  2019 (Week 4)
By day 28 it is possible for your vet to confirm pregnancy. The fetuses can be seen through ultrasound and also felt through palpation. The fetuses are now a couple of centimeters long and the spinal cord, eyes and other facial features begin to take shape.
11th OCT   2019 (Week 5)     Reba WEIGHS
Amniotic fluid will build to protect the pups from around day 32, so you will notice an increase in the bitch's size and weight. You may also notice an increase in her appetite and should start offering her more food as needed.
By Day 35 the embryos can now be considered fetuses as the organs begin to develop and their shape becomes more obvious. It is at this point the sexes of the fetuses are determined as their sex organs develop.

18th OCT  2019 (Week 6)  
The fetuses continue to develop. Their claws will develop by around day 40. By the end of week six, the coat will begin to develop with each pup's distinct markings.
You should consider setting up a comfortable whelping box in a quiet place, and encourage the bitch to being sleeping there.

25th OCT   2019 (Week 7) 
The neonatal pups are now almost fully formed and begin to rapidly develop in size. The mother's appetite will be very large at this point. Preparations for the whelping box should now be completed.
1st NOV  2019(Week 8) 
Day 50 and the skeletons will have developed; meaning the number of pups can now be determined by x-ray. The mother will likely be expressing milk at this point ready for her pups. The pups are now crowded in the uterus and birth could happen at any point! The female may start digging, a natural nesting behavior, in the whelping box.
8th NOV.  2019(Week 9 - Whelping)                                                   
The female is ready for whelping and will likely be quiet in preparation of labor. Rectal temperature can be taken a few times daily to help indicate when labor will begin. A decrease in temperature indicates that whelping will begin soon.                              Reba WEIGHS
15th NOV         
Day 63 marks the average length of gestation in the dog and is likely to be the day the pups are born.


1 day old;

1 week old 
2 week old 
3 week old  deworm
4 week old 
5 week old  deworm
6 week old 
7 week old   Visitors(deposit holders) come at NOON.
Temperament testing will be
done before visit.

8 week old

Alpha to Omega in “QQ” litter

Alpha meaning “head of the litter” most energy, alertness, dominance.

Omega means calm, laid back, with lowest energy.

Puppy weight chart
             @ birth     3days      1wk        2wk        3wk      4wk        7wk            8 wks

  Planned NOVEMBER breeding...

Dillon (Boe x Dora)  x Luna(Titan x Phenyx)                        
I changed sires.... As Radar can wait, his daddy dillon is 6 this year
and I want to use him more before he is done breeding.
Standard & Plush coats, Sable, Black & Black & Tans are possible from this litter.
Good working minds with solid-medium drive(with a little goofiness added in)
with intelligence & Energy to do more,
this litter is what your looking for.
 (Parents & Pups Reg. AKC)


Males                                                               Females
1. Marisa & Anthony Penna (Dep. 10/25/18)       1. Breeders Pick
2. AVAILABLE                                                2. AVAILABLE
3.  AVAILABLE                                               3. AVAILABLE

Jon & Brie(plush/longcoat Male)
Planned March/April 2020 breeding...
Max  x Ms Reba
Good working minds with solid-medium drive. (Parents & Pups Reg. AKC)
Males                                                            Females
1.  Breeders Pick                                    1. Breeders Pick
2. Tammy Davis (Dep 5/25/19)               2. Steven & Renee (dep 7/28/19)
3. AVAILABLE                                      3. AVAILABLE

Planned May 2010 breeding...
Max     x  Ms Pearl
                         (Bear x Phenyx)      (Dillon x Zena)

Good working minds with solid-medium drive. (Parents & Pups Reg. AKC)

Males                                                           Females
1. Breeders Pick                                           1. Breeders Pick
2. Joe Pendergraff(moved dep 9/15/17)             2. AVAILABLE
3. Jon & Brie (Dep 2/7/19)(plush/longcoat Male)   3. AVAILABLE

Jon & Brie(plush/longcoat Male)

Titan  x Violet(pending hip check)

                            Males                                                            Females
1. Jean & Rich Wright                       1. Breeders Pick
2. AVAILABLE                                  2. Ilaena McAllister (dep moved 8/3/17)
3. AVAILABLE                                  3. Brenda M. PENDING

Lux x Ms Reba
Radar  x Luna
Apollo  x  Ms Pearl
MALE- Jasna Putnik (moved-dep 7/2017)
Dillon x Violet

Future pup
Karissa Faye (dep 5/11/17)female
Cindy/Luljan Strazimiri (dep- 2017)female
Carol Eassian(moved dep 10/2016)  female
Future foster List
Shelby Abney

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