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We are currently taking deposits for upcoming litters.
Please call or email for more information.
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We carefully screen all potential puppy buyers and require a huge amount of information before deeming them an
acceptable home. Yes, even for "pet quality" puppies. Am also willing to refuse a sale if I do not think the
person would make a good life-long home for the pup.
Foster families must follow an even strictor program, as our breeding dogs must be of sound minds and bodies, highly socialized and must receive a minimum CGC certification, a Therapy certification is a bonus and will only benifit the dog and our community's future.

I guarantee hips and temperament in writing for two years.

I carefully screen all potential puppy buyers and require a huge amount of information before deeming them an acceptable home. Yes, even for "pet quality" puppies. I have and will refuse a sale, if I do not think the person would make a good life-long home for the pup. Starting with a 2 page application, then I call and visit local applicants and for non-locals, I google their address to see location and neighborhood. I offer a 2 year written hip and temperment guarantee.
After Application is approved, a non-refundable, but litter transferable deposit of $200 for a puppy is required.

$1300.00 (Limited Registration)

Veterans and Police organizations receive a $100.oo discount

K9 War Memorial

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J litter - Bosco,Wolfie & Jagger @ 10 weeks

3 pupateers

What a difference a year makes!  Same 3 as above.


Large, straight backed, old-style German shepherds

All puppies Micro-chipped with Avid FriendChips
www.avidid.com 1-800-336-2843
Worldwide leader in RFID microchip permanent identification technology.

    We employ the Super Dog program with all litters.
    Read about it here: Early Neurological Stimulation

Titles and Certificates earned by Hanabrit Progeny

*Owner's Comments *

New W litter owners;

New V litter owners;

I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful posts and updates you provided for the buyers. It was such a delight to read and see and view the videos. You put a lot of effort into it and I did not want to have it go unnoted.
Our dog Heidi seems to be growing by leaps and bounds already. Our cats have made friends with her as long as she doesn't get too pushy with them. We will be glad when she can go thru the night without having to go out.
I put some of your business cards in our local feed & grain store.
Lind & Peter

She is doing great.  She came to school with me yesterday for a little while and we have been going on short walks (about 15-20 min).  I'll take her to school again tomorrow for a short time. She did great on the walk Sunday but tends to be a little less focused around my neighborhood.  I have been taking her and Duke together but think I will take her alone for awhile to get her to focus more on me.  She already knows how to sit which I didn't really teach her, Duke did, does a nice job with leave it and take it (I say o.k.), and is doing quite well on potty training.  When she has an accident it is because I missed the cue she gave me.  I'm getting better at reading her!  I can't wait to start the puppy classes with her.  She is so smart and quick to learn.  Duke is doing really well with her.  Teaching her a lot and playing with her.   Thanks again for the amazing puppy!  Jessi is just wonderful and we all love her.

Leann  4/15.2014

Congrats on your new puppies, they are very adorable. I wanted to send you a quick update on Emma, I took her to a dog show last Saturday. She got second place and a very promising mark. I have attached the card for your review. Her only fault was her front reach is too short, but really those thick little legs look deceiving haha! She had a wonderful day seeing all of the other dogs and experiencing different people handling her and such. She has a perfect temperament and was a perfectly behaved little girl all day. She was worn out after all that excitement. 


Little Bear, Q boy

01/30/13   Q litter male

Hi, Little Bear is doing great! Both ears are up. Vet said he looks great.


Luger, M   My beautiful boy at almost a year,
 100 pounds.  Such a good dog, I love him.

Good Morning Grandma Judy,

   I hope you are doing well.  Lola & I are just wonderful!  I like having a little sister, we play all day long!

 Lola looks a lot like our Daddy, Bear.  Actually we resemble one another very much!  We like to wrestle and play ball, the big wind storm left a ton of branch’s in our back yard and we like to play with those too!  Mommy bought us a new toy each for Halloween and we share them very nicely.
I sleep next to my Mommy and Lola like’s to sleep next to Jessica in her room.  We get up every morning very early with Mommy and help her get ready for work and by the time everyone leaves for the day we settle in for a little nap time.
I hope all is well with you and I will write more when Mommy is not so busy at work.  We are doing just fine and all is OK.

We LOVE you Grandma Judy and we will talk with you soon!

 Kira (H) & Lola (O)

Kira & Lola     (Patty Judnich)

Max, from H litter  Max from "H" Litter

He is a King!!! We love him so much!!! Best Dog EVER!!!!
Ava - O litter

I could not believe the focus in this puppy.  Ava exhibits a desire to please and learn and “do” that just thrills me to no end.  She is such an incredible joy to train with.  She catches folks’ eyes with her appearance: she is a lovely, bi-color plush coat with a sleek, feminine head.  But then they see her work, and she ALWAYS garners comments and compliments.  She is incredibly smart, and it is very easy with her to turn that intelligence on to working. At only 12 weeks, Ava and I were participating in 2 - 3 obedience classes a week.  At 14 weeks, we were doing most of Ava’s work off-leash.  We will soon be doing her first AKC Obedience Trials, at only 7 months old.  I did not have to push her into any of this.  We have moved at this pace purely due to her desire to “do”.

Her love of working is so obvious in her attitude during training.  

Often her enthusiasm results in a yip of joy when we step off the line.  Her tail wags as we work, and her eyes are on me. 
Ava is, as are her siblings, a loving, snuggly girl.  At the end of the day she craves cuddle-time and will usually fall asleep in my lap - upside down with back legs in the air, front paws wrapped around my wrist, and her head stretched back.  She and I have formed the bond that every owner hopes for, and I believe - as with everything else about her - that it is a result of her pedigree that she is able to do this.


Rafa - "P" Litter
Rafa is doing really well, just a smart pup, and he is a very pretty puppy, he is learning so fast and he mimicked everything Majai does, he is so funny .
Will send some pics........Ina

Corky "P" Litter
Hi Judy,
Corky is doing well. Although she was suposed to be Roger's pup, she is fast becoming Halle's girl. She sits down and watches what we are doing. If someone is sitting on the couch you can find her laying at their feet. many times she seems to enjoy sleeping by one of the doors. She still has accidents but she is doing pretty good. She is just a very nice puppy.

Willow "P" Litter
She is an extremely smart girl!  Extremely quick learner..

Major - "P" Litter
Hello Judy 
I am sorry for the delay in updating you but Major is doing great!!!
Our family is so happy with him he is ringing his bell to use the bathroom also he loves to play with the wife and boys.
I am truly thankful Judy for allowing Major into our lives, he is so smart and loving.
I will send you some videos of him playing with the boys.
Thank you- Long Family for giving us such a blessing by allowing Major into our lives.
The Bennett Family

Zoye - M Litter

Hi Judy,
Zoye is just over 10 months already! She is turning into an astonishly beautiful young lady. She is about 85lbs and still growing. Zoye was on her way to get the CGC license, unfortunately my back went out so it is on hold for now until I'll get better.
She really bonded with our son Sammy (I was hoping for that). They play all the time, even tho Zoye knocks him down with ease now ).
Thank you for the great addition to our family, not only Zoye is absolutely the most beautiful GS I have seen, she is smart, very kind and a lot of fun! 
Steve Wainkroot.

Hobbes - O litter     Hobbes @ 7 mos 82#

Hi Judy,

Hobbes is doing amazing, he is so smart. We are still working on the stay command in different situations but with treats/incentives and repetition he is eager to learn anything we want. I'll have to find time to make it out to a Sunday walk or two this Fall. Thank you for everything Judy, I absolutely love him.

Here's a few pictures from a trip we took three weeks ago to a roadside beach we found north of Lexington that didn't ban dogs. He loves the water.

Thanks Judy,
Caleb & Family

Heinrick H Litter 2009
Hi Judy,

It's been a while since I emailed you but I wanted to show you an updated picture of Heinrick (H Litter, 2009).  He is doing very good and he and Schotzie adore each other.  His last weigh in was 105.
  Just wanted to let you know he is doing well and is a great addition to the family.

Fran Moreau

  Lilly is 2 years old!  (Kiaya by Bear)


I just wanted to say hi to my first people parents on my second birthday.  I am doing very well.  Everyone tells me what a great, beautiful, and sweet dog I am.  I do not shy away from strangers anymore.  I discovered that I actually love the attention from every single person we pass and love to say hi and get pet.  I still remind my family that I am supposes to go everywhere they go.  Sometimes they actually forget me at home on rare occasions.  I love playing in my kiddy swimming pool, playing with the hose and sharing the sprinkler with my kids.  I love splashing in the lake too.  I just found out recently that I would not sink to the bottom of the lake if I go over my head, who would have figured?  My legs actually kick and keep me afloat.  Now I am having a ball swimming and retrieving things.  I even got a really cool new swim toy for my birthday.  I am holding it in my picture.  Don’t I just look so cute and adorable? J  I just wanted to let you know I am doing well and my family just loves me to pieces.  I don’t know what they would do without me.


Lily and my people family (Cathie, Don, Jaclyn, Rachel, Jamie and Adam) and my cat (Sky)




Hi Judy,

                Thank you!  from Sonny, myself, the girls and most of all Kira.  We do talk about Grandma Judy, and her Mom & Dad Burgandy & Bear.  We love her so very much; she is the BEST dog ever, most of all she is our BEST friend.  She is such a character, and the most lovable animal in the world!  It is amazing; she knows when someone is around our house before we know.  Kira is everything that we could have imagined and more, I have you to thank for that.  I do want you to know that she is doing so well and how beautiful, strong and smart she is and by the pictures, you can see.  I will send more, I have them on my home computer.  It was great to chat with you and I do hope that we can come out soon and see you & the pack.

Take care Judy, and please give hugs & kisses to Ms. Burgandy & Bear!  ; )

 Best Regards,

Patty Judnich


We just wanted to give you an update on Seau. He is everything that we could have hoped for in a dog. He goes to training twice a week, one night for obedience training, and the other is for group protection training. He excels in every way, his bite is so strong and well controlled. He loves to do the agility course, go swimming in the pond, and run around with the other dogs. He loves playing with our 1 year old nephew, he'll just follow him around the house for hours. Seau keeps us busy to say the least. Our 105lb lap dog lol. Thank you so much Judy, Jackie, Jayson and Seau (Mr. Green White from H litter)

 Hi Judy-                                                                                               

 Maureen took this picture of Katie(E litter) this past fall at Kensington Metropark and I've been meaning to send it along. It's a great picture
and I thought you'd like to see it. Katie is now 4 1/2 years old and doing very well. Hope you're having a good holiday break and we'll 
certainly plan to join you on some of the Milford walks this year.


October,2010 (lost awhile due to computer issues)
Hi Judy-

 I know its been a very long time since I last wrote you but I thought I would update you on Crickett. She is still an amazing dog, definitely an ambassador for the breed, she is very well trained, laid back and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is just under 100lbs and is a plush coat. Her and my son are practically inseparable, they do everything together. She even plays with him at the parks on all the different playscapes and goes down the slides with him as well as the other children at the park. When we go for walks in the park I take her off leash and she just sticks around or fetches the ball when I throw it, if she is not busy playing with Jake. I plan to do AKC Obedience and Agility with her. See that you are still breeding exceptional puppies with awesome temperaments, hats off to you for saving this wonderful breed. I still send people your way when they stop and ask where I got her from and they are amazed at how well behaved she is, I tell them I would not go anywhere else for a German Shepherd. Thanks for this great dog!

Michelle                                             (From 2006 C litter, Ms Orange, so sister to Sulley, Hugo & Gryphon)

Hi Judy!
Lily thought it would be a good time to say hi since she is now an older more mature girl. I can't believe she is already 1 year old.The kids sang happy birthday to her all day long (really... all day long)! Lily went to the pet store this afternoon to pick out her birthday gift. The pictures show her with her kids and of course her new toy she pick out. She passed her CGC test and we recently got her a therapy dog in training vest. She is enjoying going to stores and the library. She went to my family reunion yesterday and was such a little lady. She had perfect manners. I was so proud of her. Lily and I continue to take advanced obedience classes with Judy and Mona. I still think the training is more for me because Lily seems to know what she is doing more than me most of the time. Lily has found a love for jumping hurdles and anything else that looks like it should be jumped. She also loves walking on benches, balance beams and walls. Lily also walked in the Fourth of the July Parade. She seems to love being in the parades. Thank you so much for such an awesome dog. She is just so amazing and beautiful. We could not picture our lives without her.
Take care,
Cathie Comis

(Lily is a Bear & Kai pup from 2010.)

Hi judy, been a while, heres my Nikko boy running with his stick, he loves our hunting property.
I've been looking at your web site, they all have same features! We only have Nikko now, Kotta was 12 has passed,
so he needs a friend, but we would like to wait for same father he has, so it looks like late summer early fall.
Kellie James
(Nikko is Mr.Blue from G '08)

Hi Judy-
Just wanted to let you know that Ruger is doing great. He is growing into such a handsome boy these days. At his last vet visit (7 months) he weighed in at 82 pounds! Here are two pictures of him so you can see how big he has gotten. Thanks again for such a wonderful boy! Jenny



 (from the 2010 J litter)

Dear Judy:
Harlow is now 19 months and we are proud parents of a certified therapy dog as well as a Canine Good Citizen! He passed both tests with flying colors in September. Harlow has his first job lined up as a Tail Waggin Tutor to listen to children read at the White Lake Library. Hes the best dog weve ever had and we couldnt imagine our lives without him. Weve made many friends through the Hanabrit German Shepherd walks and make new acquaintances everywhere we go because Harlow attracts so much attention and even stops traffic! Weve had people drive by in cars taking pictures of him! Sometimes I feel like hes a celebrity!

Thank you again for your breeding ethics and for always being there for us when we have a question!

 -Betsy and Brian
 (from the 2009 H litter)

Hi, Judy!        Harlow from Burgundy's H litter, is the most magnificent German Shepherd we could have ever hoped for! We would be rich if we got a  $1.00 for every compliment Harlow has gotten in the 9 months we have had him! We so appreciate your breeding ethics and the continued support and education you offer.  I can't imagine getting a German Shepherd from any other breeder!  Harlow will be taking his CGC and TDI tests after he turns a year old on March 19th.  My husband and I are hoping that Harlow will be able to become part of the Reading To Rover program in which he goes to libraries and helps struggling young readers become successful and confident readers. Harlow is loving the snow.  Be sure to check out his very own YouTube sledding video which we will be posting this week!  He has garnered a fan club right in the neighborhood! Harlow is very excited to be a big brother to Burgundy's 9 puppies!  He is especially excited we are getting another Hanabrit GSD next year, 2011! Hope to see you at the next GSD Sunday walk in Milford! Sincerely, Betsy  (from the 2009 H litter)

Hi Judy-
I just wanted to send along a picture of Ruger with his ears up. Also, my parents would like to know if you have any litters planned soon. They absolutely adore Ruger and I think they are looking into getting another one. Thanks again. Jenny

 (from the 2010 J litter)

Maggie is the best. Doing so well, sleeping about 5 hours thru the night. She is so smart, knows her name and comes when called. She wants to play with Otis all the time, he is still getting used to all her energy...but I can tell he is happy to have her around. She loves my nephew, he is 3 and they were a riot together. I will send more pictures soon! Thanks for the best puppy ever. See you soon. - Stephanie

 (from the 2010 K litter, posing with Otis)

Hi, Judy!
 Wolfie had his last full class today and graduates on Tuesday, June 29.  Then he starts his intermediate class on July 18.  He's doing wonderfully and I don't think I could love him more than I already do.


 (from the 2010 J litter, posing with Brutus)

Hi, Judy!
        Bo and Ozzy are doing great. They are having fun living on the lake swimming and chasing swans.  Bo (left) is now 108lbs (mostly head) and will be 2yrs on May 8th, and his side kick Ozzy is 105 lbs turning 3 July 3rd.  They have both received their CGC certification.  We are working towards Bo's TDI.  Everyday is definitely action packed and full of laughs and love.   See you soon!
Love, Pat and Heather

 (from the 2008G & 2007E litters)

Judy-  This is Sheba's first visit to the White Lake Library as a Tail Wag-in Tutor. She proved to be a Great example as 5 different children read to her for a total of a 1 1/2 hours. Both the children and parents thoroughly enjoyed her. Sheba loves to go to work and all the attention she gets doing it. Mona  (from the 2008 G litter)

Hi Judy,

I just thought you might like to see this picture, we were out on Lower Straits Lake taking our walk today. Thanks for everything you do, you are a great breeder and Hagen is a great dog.

- Erin

 (from the 2008 G litter)

Hello Judy,

Snow day in GA!  Bear loved it!  He pulled our girls (18 & 25) down the hill on askim board. I love the way he smiles when he is having fun!  We all love him sooo much :)
 (from the 2008 G litter)

Hello Judy,
Hope all is well this new year for you and your family. I wanted to give you an update on Samson, now 3 1/2 years old and weighing 105 lbs. He and I have taken up the sport of mushing. In the warm months he pulls me around on a scooter (dry land mushing). We just got a Canadian Kicksled and Sam is learning how to pull in the snow. He loves this new "job"! After a good run he is so relaxed and happy. He thinks that this mushing business is much better than walking with "slow poke master".
Samson wants to know if anyone else might like to join him in his newfound sport. Any other "wanna be" mushers like us? Wouldn't that be a great sight in the next Milford Parade ;) Keep in touch,


Just a few words about Kaiser. He is doing really well and is growing like a weed. He has become a great member of the family, smart as a whip, and very intuitive.  Once it gets a little warmer well send some more pictures and send them. Regards,


Max is doing awesome. My family, dad, loves him. He is such a sweetie. We are doing a good job at potty training. There have been a couple accidents but truly he hasn't had many considering how quickly he's picking it up. He sure is getting heavy that's for sure. The kids weighed him the other day and he was 26 lbs before the weekend. So, we go to Griffith's for a round of shot's plus a poop sample on Thursday and I will let you know exactly how much he weighs. He's going to be a big boy that's all I have to say! He sleeps in the bathroom of our bedroom because of the tile. It's cooler for him. He sleeps through the night and get's me up around 6:30-7:00 depending on our bedtime the night before. He and Zeus get along really well. Actually, Zeus is learning some of Max's tendencies to bark when he hears something. That is something Zeus never did. He is a very laid back dog. In fact, Max has picked that laid back attitude from Zeus. My parent's thought he would be ripping and roaring around but honestly he doesn't, he lays around. Don't get me wrong, they do get in a zoom zoom moment and rip and roar but after they're down for the count. He seems to be laid back more from Zeus being the same.

-Jody&Jim                                                                                                    (Max is from I litter, Mr Blue&Wht)

Imara is getting big and getting into everything...we cant imagine life without her. She is a wonderful part of our family.
-Debbie               (H, Ms. Orange)

Hi, Judy!
We finally settled on the name Shasta for Ms. Pink. Taking her for walks on the leash and she's doing great. Both Ringo and Gracie love playing with her and Ringo rolls over on his back and lets her bite him. Might try her in the pond tomorrow. She always has her front paws in the water bowl so I'm sure we won't be able to keep her out of the pond.
-Mark & Jeanne                             (I, Ms Pink)

Hi, Judy!
Griz loves his training! He is getting to work and play with puppies of all sizes, though most four month old pups are not 51 pounds. As you can see and to our delight, he is so very gentle with the small pups and plays hard with the pup his size or bigger and older. Griz  is a smart pup, he has been working on his pointing  exercise, release and other basic obeidence. I'm getting trained right along with him, i make more mistakes than he does. We are clicker training him and he has responded to it fast.  As for Lake Erie, it's his swimming pool. He took to the water like a walleye, although I let him do it on his own, not forcing him. He play and digs in the sand for ever, it wears him out and is a good workout. He is a great family addition, we love him dearly.
-Bill&Kay                                                                    (H, Mr. Black)

Judy- 7/24/09
Here are some pictures of Babba that I thought you would like to see. Babba is doing just great. Nietzche now lets Babba jump all over her - so I think that maybe Babba will be the head dog in our pack - of course after me.
Thank you!
-Jodi Temple                                                       (I, Mr. Green)

Hi, Judy!
Hi Judy. we have had Blue on a leash few times now. Jim and I are thinking about taking him in to the town on Sunday and meeting you there at noon. I will let you know for sure. Hey Mr. Blue sure is smart.. Jim says he may just be as smart as our old dog Rue. Its is so
funny but you can actually see him think before he makes a move. He is just about potty trained. He has had a few accidents but no big deal...I think that getting another dog was a good choice.. Jim is smiling alot more now. I think he falling in love again. He is definitely a dog person. Hope all is well with you.
Mr. Blue, Jim & Diane             (I, Mr Blue)

Hi, Judy!
I can't believe Harlow is 14 weeks old already!  He is gorgeous, but that's because he has gorgeous parents!  Burgundy and Bear could be models!  I took him to the Northville Farmer's market this morning.  We didn't stay long because it was so hot, but he was a hit!  A lot of people recognized by his size that he has German bloodlines and everyone said how beautiful he is!   We are enjoying the puppy classes in Davisburg and Mona is always a huge help!  I don't know what we would do without her!

(H, Mr. Green)

Hemi is doing great. She went horse camping with us last weekend and was perfect. I'm amazed at how well she sticks with her family. I had her off leash most of the weekend and she stayed at our camp. When we went riding I did tie her and she just slept, dug holes, and chewed her bone. At night she slept on the floor of the trailer with my other dogs. We got home Sunday night, she was so happy to see her house and yard she ran all around with her butt to the ground. Monday morning I had to wake her up to go potty! That never happens she is always up first. She is just what we were looking for. Thanks so much for our new family member.
-Andrea                                                             (H, Ms. Pink)

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