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HANABRIT German Shepherds                 

Training is work. Working your dog increases the bond.  A good bond is invaluable. We recognize here the work performed to train to any level.   Congratulations, all!

If your you & your pup have done something and are not listed here, please let us know!

From oldest to youngest:


Briarwood Pure Gold Hannah CGC Jim & Judy Long
Baloo Da Bear of Hanabrit  CGC,CGCA & CGCU, OFA,TDI, RN, RA  Jim & Judy Long
Sirius von Hanabrit OFA Jennie Jester
Burgandy von Hanabrit CGC,OFA,TDI   Jim & Judy Long
Gryphon von Hanabrit CGC, OFA   Mike
Hugo Varg CGC, BH, TT, FO, TDI   Dan Oas
Apollo von Hanabrit CGC Connie Kramer
Gator Gold von Hanabrit CGC, TDI, RN,RA, Awarded Canine Excellence Ramona Prime
Ozzie von Hanabrit CGC Pat Gardner
Beau von Hanabrit CGC Heather Laskos
Shebear von Hanabrit CGC, TDI, RN, RA Ramona Prime
Harlow von Hanabrit  CGC, TDI  Brian & Betsy
Jaggers Royal Shataha Von Hanabrit CGC  Sherrie & Madelynn Schaefer
Angelica's Lola Bell von Hanabrit CGC,TDI Judy Long 
Kaiser Von Mannsbart Via Hanabrit VP(9-12mos), BH@15mos, Stefan Mannsbart
Karma von Hanabrit CGC, RN Laura Groesbeck
Shataha Totem von Hanabrit CGC, Cathy Hayward
Rose von Hanabrit CGC, Katy Maly & Trish Huckin
Lily von Hanabrit CGC, Cathie Comis

January 19-20, 2013
Ava von Hanabrit CGC, CD, RN, SAR  Julie Grinnell
Dora von Hanabrit CGC, Judy Long
Seika von Hanabrit CGC, Laura Groesbeck
Mya von Hanabrit CGC, Judy Long
Zena von Hanabrit CGC, Gary Colenso
Sascha von Hanabrit CGC, Scott Sykes

July 2013
Sadie Blue Von Hanabrit, CGC  Maria Elliott

April 11, 2014
Marshal Dillon von Hanabrit CGC, Judy Long
Titan von Hanabrit CGC, Jean Wright
Nova von Hanabrit CGC, Jean Wright
Genepi von Hanabrit, CGC, Emmanual Bot
Sir Maximum Diesel Lee Larkin von Hanabrit CGC, Don Larkin
 Piper von Hanabrit CGC, Jack Gray 

Oct 17, 2014
Jessie von Hanabrit CGC, Leann Tisdall
Karbon von Hanabrit CGC, Kirk Pettengill
Gretel von Hanabrit CGC, Vickie Estep
Hoss von Hanabrit CGC, Skip Kouba
Meeka von Hanabrit CGC, Cathy Hayward

May, 2015
Karli von Hanabrit CGC, Pam & Rick Garpow

Aug, 2015
Jessie von Hanabrit CGCA & CGCU, Leann
Baloo Da Bear of Hanabrit ; CGCA, CGCU, Judy
Titan von Hanabrit CGCA & CGCU, Jean
Nova von Hanabrit CGCA & CGCU, Jean
Marshal Dillon von Hanabrit CGCA & CGCU, Judy
Genepi von Hanabrit, CGCA & CGCU, Emmanual
Yogi von Hanabrit; CGC Amy
Bhodi von Hanabrit; CGC, Bruce
Kaiser von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Brent & Kelly
Halo von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Dawn
Skye von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Judy
Stryder von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Angela
Major von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Phyllis

Sept, 2015
Xander von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Henry & Gigi
Gunny von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Kelly

Oct, 2015
Eli von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, David & Rene Yerek
Zelda von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Sue
Misty von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Theresa
Christa Belle von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Judy

Nov, 2015
Stryder  CGC, CGCA, CGCU, Angela D'Amico
Ms Independemce von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R., CGC, Peg Cline
Karbon von Hanabrit CGCA & CGCU, Kirk

Dec, 2015
Gia von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Lori
Buster von Hanabrit; CGC, CGCA & CGCU, Judy
Hawk von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Julie & Dewey
Jagger von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Cyndy & John
Luna von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Melissa
Roane von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Laura

March, 2016
Koda von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Megan
Annika von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Shanimah Ra

April, 2016
Jack von Hanabrit; C.G.C , Deborah Noel
Mack ; C.G.C.  Carol

June, 2016
Xander von Hanabrit; CGC, CGCA, CGCUA, Henry & Gigi

Sept, 2016
Dani von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R, Penny
Zelda von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. Sarah & Andrew
Jake von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. Hazel

Oct. 23, 2016
Today, after 3 years of training (almost exactly to the day), Ava and I took our Search & Rescue certification test.
160 acres, 2 hour time limit, 2 live hidden subjects, one human remains source
(in a mason jar sized container) and one article (t-shirt).      We passed :)
We are now a Certified Air Scent/Wilderness SAR K9 Team.

November 5, 2016
Stella von Hanabrit Kramer; CGC   Brian Kramer

November 12, 2016
Stella von Hanabrit Kramer; CGCA   Brian Kramer

Feb 27, 2017

Kai von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R.   Brad and Adrian

March 2, 2017

Christa Belle von Hanabrit; CGC  Judy
Luna Phe von Hanabrit; CGC  Melissa
Vonshap Roane von Hanabrit; CGC   Laura
Gabeielle of Shepherds Knoll von Hanabrit; CGC  Richard

March 5, 2017
Christa Belle von Hanabrit; CGCU, CGCC  Judy
Vonshap Roane von Hanabrit; CGCU, CGCC   Laura
Gabeielle of Shepherds Knoll von Hanabrit; CGCU, CGCC  Richard
Mack ; CGCU, CGCC   Carol

April 8, 2017
Marshal Dillon von Hanabrit; Rally Novice Title-  Judy
Jessie von Hanabrit; Rally Novice Title-  Leann


May 19, 2017
Steuben von Hanabrit; Novice Trick Dog- Rebecca

June 18, 2017
Steuben also PASSED his Therapy Dog test with Alliance for Therapy Dogs today!!!
He couldn't have been any more perfect!!! Thanks to Gail Marie Zajkowski for all of your guidance and Judy Long for breeding such a kind, confident soul! Now we have two more observations and we should be good! I swear Steuben knew his job was to let the residents pet him at the assisted living facility we visited today. - Rebecca

Jessie von Hanabrit; Rally Advanced Title-  Leann (no pic)

PEG; I am so stinkin proud of my baby girl! Four searches - placed/qualified in three of them!
First in exteriors - 40.31 seconds; second in containers - 16.95 seconds; and third in interiors - 40.80 seconds.
The fourth was a fun one - distance/speed - but I knew as soon as I got her out for that one she wouldn’t do good.
She just had that look of “seriously mom?” She alerted on the shadow scent. But that’s okay - we had a fun day together and nothing can top that!

  Nov. 20, 2017
Gia von Hanabrit; CGC, Lori

  Nov. 22, 2017
Alexa-Brit von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R., Henry & Gigi
Zelig von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. , Amy

Kirk Pettengill to Judy Long     November 24, 2017Hi Judy, Karbon woke Linda & I up last night at 2:30am by jumping on the bed. His ears were down and he was panting hard. I could tell something was wrong but couldn't figure out why he was acting so strange. I checked the house and also took him outside to investigate - nothing. When we got back inside he started pacing again and then Linda heard it. One of our smoke detectors in the basement was chirping. About one chirp every 5 minutes (low battery). Even though it wasn't an emergency, my boy was AWSOME for his instinctive reaction. Knowing this gives me a great piece of mind - Hanabrit puppies rule!!!!

Dec. 11, 2017
Reba von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. , Judy
Apollo von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. , Chris
Lazarus von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. , Jeff
Kono von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. , Kieth
Theo von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. , Brian
Remi von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. , Michele
Odin von Hanabrit; S.T.A.R. , Leslie



December 28, 2017 - Mr. Lee Duncan Von Hanabrit, S.T.A.R., TKN, TKI, TKA

March 25, 2018 Rally Novice Title


April 12, 2018 - Xander von Hanabrit; TD, Henry & Gigi

April 18, 2018 - Tucker McKinley von Hanabrit, CGC

May 30, 2018 Alexa-Brit von Hanabrit; CGC, Henry & Gigi

 September 2, 2018  Duncan rocks Rallly Intermediate title and CGC

Nov. 9, 2018

Apollo von Hanabrit; CGC, CGCA, Chris
Pearl von Hanabrit; CGC, CGCA, Judy

Jax von Hanabrit; CGC, Beth

Dec 2018

Jax von Hanabrit * Firm, Fair & Fun Advanced Level Graduate, Beth
Nash von Hanabrit * Firm, Fair & Fun Puppy Class Graduate, Becky & Derek

Moose von Hanabrit * Firm, Fair & Fun Advanced Level Graduate, Michael
Kono von Hanabrit * Firm, Fair & Fun Advanced Level Graduate, Keith


Advanced Level = Achieving ALL basics Obedience on Leash and introduction to Off Leash Obedience;
Advanced Leash Manners and maneuvers, Heal Position; on & off leash,
Achieving Commands; Sit, Down & Stand, while dog holds a Stay in all 3 positions & completes a walk around dog and walk away out of sight, while dog is in a down position for 3 minutes, Heal w/o   leash, while Weaving through a group, recalls dog across a room with distractions.

Jim & Judy Long
1867 Pettibone Lk Rd
Highland, MI 48356

email    -    puregoldmorgans@earthlink.net