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Hanabrit Foster Program

The Foster Parent helps raise my pick of the litter, with no out-of-pocket cost for the puppy.

This program, I believe is better than using kennels for my breeding dogs.

Foster families must follow an even stricter program than just a puppy buyer. Foster family must live within 3 hours of us, more often than not, a previous puppy owner, so we have a good, trustworthy and honest relationship. Talking weekly, visits bi-monthly, foster female dog visits Hanabrit approximately every 4-6 months, to feel comfortable in the home & pack for future litter whelping.

The pup/dog will be fed a RAW Prey diet, approved by Hanabrit. As our breeding dogs must be of sound minds and bodies, highly socialized and must receive a CGC, CGCA, CGCU certifications, before female is bred at age of 2 yrs. Additional OB/Rally/TDI titles agreed upon, to benefit the dog and our community's future.

A foster pup gets its initial training with us, if foster is unable to visit stores, expos, friend homes and businesses, to be socialized with strangers, different dogs and cats, kids, horses  every situation possible to produce a balanced breeding dog.

A pup goes to the foster home for weekends first, for up to 6 months of age. Then pup resides with foster family more than at Hanabrit.  Foster family continues training and provides periodic visits and walks with me to review dogs socializing skills and manners. The foster parent must train dog and test it for CGC's before the age of 1 1/2 yrs old.

Then I schedule an appointment for Penn-hip xrays with a Specialist, which Hanabrit pays for.

Our policy is, if a dog(male or female) fails their health or temeperament testing, foster parents cover the spaying cost and female is given to the foster family, with all ownership signed over to foster parent.

A Foster parent receives; from every litter that foster dog whelps or sires $500.00 and the option to receive a puppy with limited AKC papers, from the last litter produced by female fosters instead of the money. Until the dog, (Male / Female) is 7 yrs old. At which time, Hanabrit spays/neuters dog and signs all ownership over to foster parent.

If you are interested in being a foster parent, please contact me.

Jim & Judy Long
1867 Pettibone Lk Rd
Highland, MI 48356

email    -    puregoldmorgans@earthlink.net