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I'm anything but the normal dog trainer;
I believe having puppies with the advanced dogs in the same class, this teaches all the four legged students how to behave in a natural pack environment.

The pups learn by watching the calmer energy of the older dogs and the older dogs learn to tolerate
and ignore the energy of the puppies.

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Please come have some fun with us!
My classes are drop in when ya can, not a 6-8 week sessions.
I teach the students that attend, 1 or 10.
After a quick Q & A, I help each student at what ever level they are at and
I strive to move you & your dog forward to the next level, at your speed.
My goal for every student is to pass the CGC & advanced CGCs, then on to off leash OB & rally novice  & advanced rally(off leash). If  just to build a stronger bond with you & your dog or to compete at a rally competition, your choice, just learn to have fun with your dog.
In the winter months(Oct-March) a Socializing/Therapy classes on Wednesdays will be available,  if thats the direction you would like to go in.

Tuesday classes in 2019 at @ Highland Activity Center
** NO CLASS, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
EXCEPT NOV. 12th there will be class.

Tuesdays class times fluctuate.
Class will cover the items on the CGC tests, Therapy tests & advanced social skills.
CGC is a ten-skill training program that’s open to all dogs–purebred and mixed breed–that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community.
Nov. 12th 7pm-8pm, 19th 7pm-8pm, 26th 6pm-8pm
Dec. 3rd 6pm-8pm, 17th 6pm-8pm & 31st 6pm-8pm

$15.oo 1hr  /  $20.oo 2hr

Wednesday 11am & 6pm group classes 
1 hour $15.oo which we do Obedience, socializing, manners & CGC training.
All dogs are welcome, even puppies 

6th, 11 am & 6pm @ Home Depot in White Lake  Meet at east end(nursery area) of building in parking lot, offer a potty break before class starts
13th  only 6pm@ Pet Supply in White Lake(next to Alpine Valley). Meet in front of stire, offer a potty break before class starts.
20th,  only 6pm @ Lowes in New Hudson Meet at east end of building
in parking lot, offer a potty break before class starts
4th, 11 am & 6pm @ Home Depot in White Lake  Meet at east end(nursery area) of building in parking lot, offer a potty break before class starts
11th  11am & 6pm @ Rural King(Hartland). Meet at west end of parking lot. ALSO, offer a potty break before class starts.
Have  a Merry Christmas ******  And a Happy New Year
JAN 2020
11 am & 6pm @ Lowes in New Hudson Meet at east end of building
in parking lot, offer a potty break before class starts
15th, 11 am & 6pm @ Home Depot in White Lake  Meet at east end(nursery area) of building in parking lot, offer a potty break before class starts
22nd, 11am & 6pm @ Pet Supply in White Lake(next to Alpine Valley). Meet in front of stire, offer a potty break before class starts.

Friday Puppy classes in 2019  @ Highland Activity center

** Next session starts Nov 1st **

This is a basic training class for puppies under 1 year of age. The basics such as sit, down, stay, come (recall),
and basic care for your puppy are some of the things taught. Class are six weeks long and in order to receive the AKC STAR puppy certification, all six weeks must be completed.

Call Ashley for Next Class

Classes are $125 due by the first class.

You will need to bring vet records, blanket/towel, water bowl, water, poop bags, treats, and a hungry puppy.

Do not feed before class.

Please message, email, or text me for more information and to sign up.

Email: AshleySmith.CCG@gmail.com
Phone: 248 884-1705

Firm Fair & Fun   ADVANCED - FRIDAY Group Class  6pm-8pm
(Must know basic commands)
2 hours $20.oo which we do Obedience, socializing & manners training & rally.
Lessons will include advanced commands, manners, socializing skills, care & grooming tips. Also off leash for students as they advance.

Nov. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd
Dec. 6th, 13th & 20
th(Christmas Party)

Milford Social Pack Walk -
every Sunday year round,
unless its below 25* degrees.

2020     Sunday training class  11am-noon 
Starts back up on April 5th - Oct  18th, 2020

Dates of NO Sunday Class;
May 12th(Mothers day)
June 16th (Fathers Day)
Aug 18th (Milford memories)

Milford central park, near the tennis court; 11am-12
$15.oo which we do Obedience, socializing & manners training.

Appointments available for a private lesson;
$35.oo an hour /Milford or Highland call to schedule with Judy  248-882-0986

Judy Long has 30+  years of dog training experience.

As a teenager, I was a dog trainer/groomer before I even knew what it was called. I have always had the "touch" with animals,  grooming with the President of the Michigan Grooming Association at Puff-n-Fluff , Waterford, MI. back in the 80's, then was a manager of the grooming/boarding facility at  DePorre' Veterinary hospital in Birmingham, MI.

Training dogs of many breeds with a calm and gentle hand, to teach manners and basic obedience. Since 1992, I have been training, showing and breeding Horses & German Shepherds. I have titled myShepherds in AKC Obedience-Rally, Canine Good Citizens and Therapy dogs, to give back to the community where I have lived my entire life and raised our family.

For 12+ years we have been seen in Highland and Milford during the Farmers Market, Music in the Park and Sunday afternoons, during our socializing walks with our dogs. Milford is very dog friendly, it is such a pleasure, utilizing the stores, elevator and stairwells, it helps our Therapy dogs in training and the younger pups to be good canine citizens with manners, meeting and greeting people and other dogs in town.

The Hanabrit  Sunday Pack Walk

Our puppy social walk started 13years ago and it has matured into this... Milford has welcomed us and I would like to keep it that way. Please follow these guidelines;

1. Allow your dog to potty before & after the walk, never allowing to potty or mark on main street, if at all possible. Always carry baggies to pick up after your dog.

2. Extendable leashes are not allowed. 4-6 foot leashes are safest to use. Properly fit collars, slip/prong/flat, so dogs have the ability to learn. NO halti's or harnesses allowed.

3. Control your dog at all times, keep a safe circle around you and your dog. Do Not enter into other's safe circle, unless asked.

4. No Nose to Nose dog greetings allowed.

5. Walk single file while in town, allowing others to pass by, we don't want to be sidewalk hogs.

6. This is a FREE controlled social walk, while obedience, obstacles & socializing are performed from time to time to help our dogs to learn good manners, this is not a class. If more training is wanted, please check this website for group classes.

7. If you need help, PLEASE ASK !

8. ALL breeds of dogs are welcome.

9. Any Rude, unfriendly comments or abusive actions seen, you will be asked to leave.

10. Have a Blessed day


James & Violet (P)        Becca-Derek & Nash(P)       Mike & Moose(ADV)     Keith & Kona(ADV)
Jeff & Lazarus(P)         Judy & Reba(P)          Jill & Roxas(P)

Angela & Strider (ADV) Lisa & Tara(P)        Judy&Pearl(CGC,CGCA)               Dad & Tucker (CGC)
Phylis & Major Hanabrit (P)           Jessie &Bella Hanabrit (P)                    Anne & Roxy Hanabrit (P)

Leanne & Jessie (RN)            Melissa & Luna(CGC)                Lori & Gia (P)
social class at COSTC               Karma running the A frame
            Henry & Xander (P)                           Judy & Dillon rally legs,     Ashley & Jack RN, RA,
   Mike w/ Abby Road  S.T.A.R. puppy, C.G.C,  RN, RA,
Hanabrit k9
Advanced Class Grad

S.T.A.R. puppy class 2014

Mike & Gretchen service dog           Judy & Belle CGC

 Click to see a Group training January 2015

Hanabrit k9 training at the Highland Activity Center  & surrounding cities ....
2016 pictures of classes
2015 pictures of classes
2014 pictures of training
2011-2013 pictures of training

working our dogs in different locations is very important to strengthen our bond with our K9 furkids.

Judy Long I am bursting with pride ...... all my students do me proud, but in the first video below, this team of a 14 month old Hanabrit pup and her rock star mom Julie, surprises me with their weekly improvements, her hard work, that I call homework shines thru in their bond........
Julie Grinnell Aw, thank you Judy Thankfully, we have an awesome trainer to teach, guide and encourage us...and then there is the solid breeding

videos of training
star students

down stay / walk over lesson

having fun in Highland


Judy has shown me the magic connection between animal and owner; her innate ability to read the both of us, is the guiding force gentle and positive training. Her methods, skills and intuition is making my precious 1 year old German shepherd dog in training a welcome and appreciated family pet.      Dr. Kathie Hammes Ph.D.

Loki and I would not be where we are today if it weren't for Judy and Mona. Sixteen months ago he was a frightening reactive dog that I feared would have to be locked in the backyard. Now he has his CGC and TDI and I know that he is capable of much, much more.  Thank you both for teaching me how to teach him and expanding our bond. He's my boy!!    Laura



I have a story I would like to share with the hope that it helps at least one other Hanabrit puppy owner or prompts one to contact our breeder, Judy, who truly is always there for the best interest of the pups and for the owners, to help in any way possible. Indi and I are living proof of Judy's dedication.
So, Indi is two years old, a Bear x Zena cross. Indi and I drove from Montana to Michigan in September, 2017 to pick up our second Hanabrit pup, a Titan x Roane son we named Duncan. Before coming out, I had mentioned to Judy a few concerns I had with Indi....starting with her not being the least bit friendly. I'll be honest, I was afraid of what might happen with her and a puppy and that I wouldn't be taking Duncan home after all. But, Judy asked me to trust her (which I always have) and assured me all would be well.
We arrive at Judy's on a Monday morning, I take Indi out of my truck (on leash of course) and I honestly thought she was going to eat Judy for breakfast! This is how she had been acting for quite some time, and honestly it seemed to be getting worse instead of better. My heart was breaking as I did not understand why this beautiful happy girl (with me) was being so aggressive (my word of description) towards others.
I had been thinking for quite awhile that perhaps I should use a prong collar on her, however, I had never used one, didn't know how to properly fit one, and had no one to help me with that where I am at in Montana. Regardless, I knew if help was to be had, I'd get the proper help and guidance from Judy. So once Judy observed Indi's reaction when I took her out of the truck, she got me a prong collar and walked me through putting it on, etc. ONE correction and the light bulb started to flicker! Within a very short time, Indi and I were walking down Judy's driveway and road side by side with Judy and Dillon!
How is this possible?
First of all, remember I said "aggressive" was my word of description? It was, but that was NOT the proper terminology. Once I understood the difference between aggression in a dog and a dog being reactive to situations, (thanks of course to Judy describing the difference!)
I knew what I was dealing with, but more importantly, I knew I had been feeding Indi's reactiveness without even realizing it. WOW! I didn't have an aggressive dog, I had a reactive dog! I didn't have a dog who was bad by nature, I had a dog I was making bad without even realizing it!
After walking more miles than I thought I ever could in one day - on pathways where bicyclists were whizzing by in both directions, joggers were passing in both directions, people walking with or without dogs in both directions, side by side with Judy and Dillon, in and out of stores, stopping for lunch at a sidewalk cafe, walking down sidewalks of busy streets all on day one, I can honestly say without a flicker of doubt, all of what was going on with Indi was going down the leash from myself to her.
I can now look back at life with Indi and remember so many situations that, without my realizing it at the time, led to getting this reactive dog that I wouldn’t think of taking out in public. That sentence in itself is a perfect example - I wasn’t trusting her and she was reacting to that!
This big “light bulb” moment was brought on by Judy asking the right questions, pointing out key actions I was or was not making, and I think most importantly my willingness to have an open mind and be able to not only realize, but to admit, I was to blame - NOT Indi!
I spent four fantastic days doing things/going places with Indi that I honestly did not think would ever be possible. As my confidence restored and built, so did Indi’s.
Now we are back home in Montana and I take her for walks down the street and know all is going to be fine. She will certainly be going to town with me when I am going to places I know she can go with me. I’ll have to flip a coin to determine if it is her turn or Duncan’s turn!
The reason I decided to share my story is to let everyone know that Judy doesn’t just say the words “I’m always here if you have questions” - she lives by those words. Another reason I wanted to share is to let you know that when you think “my dog is so —“ (fill in the bad behavior) remember the dog only knows what we teach it. Be open and honest with yourself first, then take that openness and honesty to Judy for help. You will become a better handler and your pup will become a lot happier.
“Don’t just stop the behavior - correct the behavior”. Those are words spoken to me by Judy that have stuck with me and always will.
Because of you, Judy Long, I am a better handler, Indi is a happier girl, and Duncan will surely reap the benefits.

Jim & Judy Long
1867 Pettibone Lk Rd
Highland, MI 48356

email    -    puregoldmorgans@earthlink.net