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Reclaiming K9 War Memorial B4 MWDM

Hanabrit K9 Salute Patrol

The Hanabrit Salute Patrol has given a howling salute at each of 14 Military and
Law Enforcement K9 burial ceremonies at the MWDM.

In addition, the Patrol has marched in local parades since 2012 to honor our country’s Working K9s .
A working dog team is a partnership, and to that end the Hanabrit Salute Patrol has decided to begin offering our services to the families of Military and Law Enforcement K9 Handlers.
Whether it is a group howling salute, a lone howl in the distance after Taps, a canine standing guard near the grave site, or canines offering “hug therapy” to family and friends, we would be honored to serve the memory of your loved one.


K9 Salute Patrol had performed a howling salute at 14 burials;

MWD Buddy E154 - Buddy, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, was a TSA explosive detection K9. He has left an enormous hole in my heart that constantly aches to see him, hug him and be at his side. I only pray that I was worthy of his devotion and the incredible  love he gave me. The thought that helped my aching heart is that he is now totally healed. No longer in pain. He can run and run to his hearts desire. But the one thing I am SURE of is that Heaven has a new angel guarding its gates and that one day we will be reunited because our time together on Earth was much to short.

MWD Mina F735 After 9 tours in Afghanistan and two in Bosnia, our Military Hero has crossed over. He led a good life and our son who I am very proud of, deserves to have his dog recognized.  Mina will always be in our hearts and soul. And it is with great pride that he was a part of our family history. Hopefully he will be talked about for a long time.                                                          
by Sgt. Corey McCourt & June Etlinger

K-9 Diago, Livingston County Sheriff's K-9 Unit. He was certified as a exposive detection, tracker and Patrol dog. K-9 Diago was credited with clearing several building during bomb threats, tracked and found several missing children and adults, assisted in the arrest of a B&E suspect, attended several public events to help bridge law enforcement with the community. K-9 Diago's "End of Watch" was February 19, 2014

K-9 Alex, Novi Police Department's K-9 Unit. He was certified as a narcotic detection, tracking, building and article search and patrol dog in 2008 and assigned to the Novi Police Department's K-9 Unit with handler Officer Robert Manar.
On April 18, 2014 K-9 Alex died in the arms of Officer Manar.

MWD Chyan D233,  He was certified as a explosive detection, scout, tracker and patrol dog. In 2002 he was assigned to "Special Ops" and from this date to 2010 his service records was unattainable. What is known, is that during this time frame MWD Chyan was  positioned in many areas of Europe, he was in Antwerp, Belgium, Germany, Bosnia, in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan several times.

MWD Shaman-H055 He was certified as a PNDD (Patrol Narcotic Detection Dog) with his handler Sgt. Asher. In 2006 Sgt. Asher competed in the FORCOM Working Dog Trials. Shaman always scored high and was "Top Dog" in narcotic detection. In mid-2006 Asher and Shaman were deployed to Iraq at one of Iraq's high profile prisons. While in Iraq they were on call to assist American and British Special Operations Forces in Southern Iraq. July 21, 2014 Shaman passed away.

K9 Quinn, He was certified in Narcotic detection, Handler protection, Tracking, Building search, Area search, and Article search. K9 Quinn and Officer Soli were assigned to the Fowlerville Public Schools as liaison Officers.  Over the years K9 Quinn had several narcotic finds, caught several fleeing felons and assisted every Police Department in Livingston County. K9 Quinn was mostly known for his unbelievable temperament. He was loved and petted by several hundred children in the Fowlerville community.  K9 Quinn was sent to heaven on September 02, 2014. He will be missed by many.

MWD Pito L590,  He was certified as a Explosive Detection Dog, field-certify as a Patrol Dog, then assigned to the USSS (United States Secret Service) and he traveled across the country providing secure travel accommodations for the President and Vice-President of the United States.  Pito was deployed to Iraq in support of OIR (Operation Iraqi Freedom). In 2011, he was deployed to Afghanistan in support of OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) and Pito returned to his home base later that year. Thank you for your service!
SSgt McKenna Price, United States Air Force

MWD Bady H163,  He was certified with the United States Navy as a PEDD (Patrol Explosive Detection Dog). Bady was deployed to Kuwait, spending several months patrolling for explosives. He deployed to Iraq in 2006, conducting the same duty. During this deployment, he served on several special operations with Navy SEAL Team 5, the 9th Engineering Support Battalion, and the 3rd Battalion/ 2nd Marines, Lima Company. Then assigned to a new duty station: the Naval Air Engineering Group at Joint Base McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst in New Jersey. Bady was again deployed to Iraq and is credited with leading a patrol in the apprehension of 8 personnel on a Time-Sensitive Target scout mission. On another mission, he found (and bit) an Iraqi insurgent hiding in a “spider hole”. While on patrol, he alerted and uncovered 5 weapons, 2 bags of ammunition and a bag of propellant. His MWD Team was awarded The Army Commendation Medal. Those who knew and worked with Bady are very proud of his heroic accomplishments and he will be missed by many. Rest in Peace, K9 Warrior, until we meet again.
Thank you for your service!     Petty Officer 2nd Class John Winjum, United States Navy

K-9 Cody, She was a certified “Therapy Dog” and also received the “Canine Good Citizen” award from AKC.
We started making visits to hospitals, schools, VA hospitals and senior homes visiting WWII and Korean war veterans.The people loved her, she alway put a smile on their faces especially the ones that needed to smile. 
R.I.P. Cody-Girl until we’re together again.   Phil & Barb Weitlauf

MWD Zizi L401,  She served in the US Navy from 2008 - 2011. She was deployed once to Camp Arifjan Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from June 2009 to June 2010. MWD Zizi retired early at the age of six, due to Progressive Retinal Atrophy. She was adopted by her handler MA1 Cristina Collesano in February 2011. Zizi was diagnosed with Cancer in March 2014 and passed away peacefully in Cristina’s arms on September 23, 2014.

K-9 Samson, At the age of 11 months, Samson began his Police K-9 training, and after several months, began patrolling the complex. Samson was cross-trained in Patrol and Narcotics Detection and later Nationally certified through the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers. Samson proved so effective at crime deterrent and criminal apprehension that soon a second K-9 team was added, as well as a third, fourth and fifth K-9 team. Being partnered with Handler Tim Przytulski, K-9 Samson began locating narcotics and assisting Southfield Police and undercover units with search warrants and arrests. During one such search warrant K-9 Samson help locate 67 bags of marijuana and a loaded handgun.

MWD Spaulding K419 - SSD (Specialized Search Dog) US Army. Deployed twice to Afhganistan with the 3rd & 7th Special Forces.
Adopted by handler from Hartland.

K9 Axel,   K9 Axe of the Southfield Police K9 Unit. Officer Raby and family for the lost of their K9 Hero. His watch is over and may he RIP.


Bear & I performing our first Howl in public, at a MWDM clean up in 2011                                                 HSP 2013

2014 Salutes  at MWDM                            



     Salute Patrol  2017



The MWDM has become a beautiful place and I am proud to have been apart of it.
So we move on down the road of life, to offer our service to families of K9 Handlers,
both Military & Police at thier burials/memorials.

Feel free to contact me for more information regarding our future Hanabrit Salute Patrol endeavors.

A little history of the Hanabrit Salute Patrol. Jim & I and a handful of volunteers helped start the huge challenge of clearing the MWDM site that was overgrown & looked like a forest. The original monument wasn't even visible from Milford rd. when found in 2010.. Then the real work began, 2 clean ups every summer, catching poison ivy, taking the bbq to feed the volunteers, joining the board to organize this wonderful cemetery.  At one of the cleanups in 2011(pic above) Bear gave a howl salute to the volunteers.... then the light bulb went off, lets start a salute patrol for the ceremonies.
So in
2013, the Hanabrit Salute Patrol gave a Howl to salute their fallen hero (
MWD Buddy E154)at the end of the ceremony, which was the first of 14 memorials we participated in. 
I have been so very proud of our Patrol, you all that have volunteered your time to honor these service dogs.  Some of the ceremonies were very COLD or HOT, but we were there.
I was relieved of my board seat by the president of the MWDM, but thats another tale to tell... 

The Vietnam War Dog Wall dedication was amazing & surprising too.   Other dogs joined our Patrol to salute, without reason or notice. A week later, I find out why...
Again the president of the MWDM  relieved me of my position; I received a Face Book pm from him stating that Hanabrit Salute Patrol is no longer welcome to participate in their ceremonies. That he is starting a Salute team of his own.



List of Salute Patrol Dogs that have Passed to Greener fields to run.

MWDM Salute dogs

Baloo Da Bear of Hanabrit  (RIP 4/28/06-5/3/19)

Burgandy von Hanabrit (RIP 9/26/06-7/17/20)

Kaiser (RIP July 2020)

Rose von Hanabrit (RIP  4/26/10-11/27/20)

Ava von Hanabrit (RIP 5/27/12-1/11/21)

Harlow (RIP 3/19/09 - 3/17/21)


9/18/2010 Bear giving kisses @ Clean-up


Lola, Bear, Burgandy, Harlow & Cody


9/17/2011  Bear & I performing our first Howl in public, at a MWDM clean-up.

  Harlow von Hanabrit

11/19/2011 Re-Dedication

Cody, Harlow, ?, Dora, ?, Bear, Ava, ?, Loki & Karma, ?


Practicing their howl salute

Julie G. w/ Ilsa, Brian Z. w/ Harlow von Hanabrit & Judy w/Baloo Da Bear of  Hanabrit & Dora von Hanabrit


4/13/2013 K9 Buddy Burial

Ken w/Baron, Ina w/ 2 dogs, Phylis w/ Hanbrit pup, Laura w/Karma von Hanabrit, Judy w/ BalooDa Bear of Hanabrit, Julie Grinnell w/ Ilsa



Julie G. w/Ava, Judy w/Bear, Trish w/Rose & Sarah w/Ilsa

7/24/2013; Dick w/ Chamberlain, Trish w/ Rose, Julie & Daughter w/Ave & Ilsa, Laura w/Karma, Judy w/ Bear

Bear & Stella

6/29/2014 K9 Diego Burial

Katy w/Rose, Britney w/Stella, Rich w/Titan, Laura w/Karma, Judy w/Bear, Julie w/Eva & Gary w/Zena

Julie w/Kaiser, Britney w/Stella, Rich w/ Titan, Dick w/Chamberlain, Judy w/Bear & Don w/Max

Judy w/Bear & Rich w/Titan

Rich w/ Titan, Dick w/Chamberlain, Britney w/Stella, Judy w/Bear & Don w/Max,  Gary w/Zena & Julie w/Kaiser

Julie w/Kaiser, Britney w/Stella, Gary w/Zena & Judy w/Bear

HSP 2014-17 salute members

Britany Barr w/Stella

Brian Chalk w/Phenyx von Hanabrit

Gary Colenso w/Zena von Hanabrit

Julie Fentner w/ Kaiser (RIP July 2020) 

Mike Graski w/ Mag Pag Abby Road

Jack Gray w/Gunny von Hanabrit & Piper von Hanabrit

Julie Grinnell w/Ava von Hanabrit (RIP Jan, 2021)

Laura Grosbeck w/Karma von Hanabrit

Richard Huber w/Joshua Lawerence Chamberlain

Trish Huckin w/Burgandy von Hanabrit (RIP 7/17/20)

Judy Long w/Baloo Da Bear of Hanabrit (RIP 5/3/19)

Don Larkin w/ Sir Maximum Diesel Lee Larkin von Hanabrit

Katy Maly w/Rose von Hanabrit (RIP 11/27/20)

Ashley Smith w/Koda Girl

Leann Tisdall w/Jessie von Hanabrit

Mike Whybra w/Isabelle von Hanabrit

Rich Wright w/Titan von Hanabrit

2018-2021 Members
Board of Directors;
Judy Long – President
Don Larkin - Vise President
Dawn Theirbach - Secretary
Board Members;
Brian Chalk w/ Phenyx von Hanabrit
Ursula Galda w/ Linus von Hanabrit
Mike Graski  w/ Mag Pag Abby Road
Jack Gray w/Gunny von Hanabrit & Piper von Hanabrit
Jaclyn Kucera wMaverick von Hanabrit
Don Larkin w/ Sir Maximum Diesel Lee Larkin von Hanabrit
Andrea Smith w/Lincoln von Hanabrit
Rich Wright w/Titan von Hanabrit
Ashley (Smith) Widak w/Koda Girl